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K-12 STEM Equity is dedicated to making STEM subjects, particularly Computer Science, accessible to students who are traditionally underrepresented in these fields.

Expanding Youth Access to Computer Science

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Elementary Computer Programming

Coding + Math provides a research-based approach to integrating math learning into computer science. The book combines theoretical foundations and practical applications to provide example lessons for elementary students to engage in real programming tasks.  Videos on this site (linked below) demonstrate student lessons from the book, providing support to teachers, parents, and students as they explore the fundamentals of different modes of computer programming. 


Lesson Examples

Flowgorithm Snip.jpg

Example lessons on programming based in a flowchart program. This platform is ideal for introducing younger learners to computational thinking.

Figure 6_11.PNG

Example lessons  in programming for Windows-based PC computer operating systems typically used with productivity software.

Kamau Snip.jpg

Example lessons demonstrated by elementary school student Kamau, demonstrating how easy and fun real coding can be.

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